Concord Class: Romans ”God’s Wrath Revealed in the Law” (session 5) Resurrection Lutheran Church Fredericksburg TX

Our Concord Class for the second and third quarter of 2022 is on the book Romans. This is the audio from one of the two classes that we hold on Wednesdays at either 10am or 7pm. It might help in following our discussion by ordering the study guide we are using (God’s Abiding Word: Romans) which you can do here: If you are in the Fredericksburg Texas area and would like to join us some time for Concord Class, we meet Wednesdays at 10am and 7pm. For our address and directions you can check our website We hope you enjoy our study and that you may be able to join us in the flesh sometime! God’s peace be with you! In Christ, Pastor Buvinghausen
  1. Concord Class: Romans ”God’s Wrath Revealed in the Law” (session 5)
  2. Trinity 2 Sermon 6/26/22
  3. Concord Class: Romans ”God’s Wrath Revealed in Creation” (session 4)
  4. Trinity 1 Sermon 6/19/22
  5. Concord Class: Romans ”God’s Righteousness” (session 3)
  6. Holy Trinity Sermon 6/12/22
  7. Concord Class: Romans ”I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel” (session 2)
  8. Pentecost Sermon 6/5/22
  9. Concord Class: Romans ”The Purpose of Romans” (session 1)
  10. Sixth Sunday of Easter (Rogate) Sermon 5/22/22
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