New Sunday Schedule Starting May 30th 2021

2020 was a rough year, filled with isolation, loneliness, and the realization that being around others is a huge part of our spiritual and mental health. Gathering together around God’s word in Worship and Bible study is so important especially after the year we’ve had, and the challenges the church now faces in the wake of COVID-19. The voters have decided to give a new Sunday schedule a try for three months (May 30th – August 29th) to evaluate whether a permanent time change would be beneficial in bringing us closer together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

New Sunday Schedule:

9:30am Divine Service with Holy Communion

10:45am Fellowship

  • Coffee and donuts and socializing

11:00am Sunday School with opener

  • Open Sunday School in the sanctuary with the Congregation at Prayer handout as well as a children’s message from Pastor Buvinghausen before sending everyone off to their respective classes.
  • Adult Sunday School will begin with questions about the lectionary texts and questions about the sermon asked by the congregation members. From the questions on the sermon, we would then move on to more topical Bible Study or a specific book of the Bible for the rest of the Sunday School hour.

This change will hopefully yield benefits for our congregation and visitors as well, such as:

  • Increased attendance in Sunday School
  • Rejuvenated spirit of hospitality among members for the sake of each other and possible visitors
  • Regularly scheduled social and special events will take place during the Sunday School hour (luncheons, Rally Day, picnic, children’s pageant, etc.)
  • The prospect of more volunteers for children’s Sunday School since there won’t be the requirement to arrive early but rather simply stay after church.
  • Having a Sunday School opener with all ages around the Congregation at Prayer may help add a congregational focus of personal devotion throughout the week while also aiding in learning or refreshing oneself on the Catechism.

We pray that God would bless us in this endeavor so that we would be a blessing to each other and the Fredericksburg community!

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